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Tyler Attorney Delivers Personal Injury Counsel

Skilled advocacy for people injured when others choose to violate the safety rules that protect all of us

The Porter Law Firm, P.C. provides high-quality legal representation in personal injury actions throughout East Texas. Greg Porter’s dedication to delivering the strongest possible counsel has led to his certification by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as a Personal Injury Trial Law specialist.

Truck wrecks

Thousands of people are hurt or killed in truck wrecks each year in Texas when drivers and trucking companies violate important safety rules. The Porter Law Firm, P.C. can advise you on issues specific to truck wrecks, including:

  • Commercial driving rules — Violations of the rules of the road often lead to preventable truck wrecks. Greg Porter knows the rules and how to enforce them to make our highways and communities safer.
  • Corporate liability — A commercial vehicle wreck typically involves a range of potentially responsible parties. Greg Porter will quickly identify the rule breakers so that a jury can hold them accountable.
  • Insurance coverage — Greg Porter’s experience allows him to provide informed counsel on insurance coverage and liability limits, even when multiple parties are involved.

Evidence relating to truck wrecks must be preserved. Thus, it is important to retain counsel right away. Greg Porter can help you preserve the relevant evidence immediately after a crash occurs so that a jury will have the most information to decide your case and hold those responsible accountable for the harms and losses.

Wrongful death lawsuits

Wrongful deaths are always fraught with pain and emotion, so the litigation arising from wrongful death needs to be handled sensitively and correctly. The Porter Law Firm advocates for victims’ families. When a wrongful death happens, damages for such things as lost wages and medical expenses can run into the millions of dollars. Retaining the best personal injury counsel possible is essential to compensate your family for the harms and losses caused when others choose to violate the safety rules.

Traumatic brain injury claims

Traumatic brain injuries change lives. Expert evidence must be gathered and presented in a manner that is understandable to jurors who will decide your case. If you or a family member suffer a brain injury because someone else violate an important safety rule that protects all of us, then Greg Porter can help you.

Slip and fall incidents

Unsafe premises hurt people. Texas law allows members of our community to recover for the harms and losses caused by premises defects. By permitting such a recovery, our entire community is made safer. No person, whether they are an older adult or a young child, should be hurt because others are careless and choose to violate the safety rules by taking shortcuts and by refusing to make their premises safe for their customers, invitees, and guests.

Defective products

An unsafe product puts everyone in danger. When an injury is related to a defective or unsafe product, an experienced attorney is required to conduct the necessary factual and legal investigation.

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